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A Glazier’s Guide to Windows in Maidstone

A trained glazier carries out all types of window repairs, not just double glazing repairs. Below we’ve looked to provide some detail on the most common types of glass featured in Maidstone properties’ windows, highlighting what makes them special.


If you require window repairs in the Maidstone or Lewisham areas, give an M&M glazier a call on 07956 500 093.


Window Repairs for All Types of Unit


DOUBLE GLAZING – Double glazed windows are very popular amongst homeowners and landlords in Maidstone. Featuring two sheets of glass with an insulating gap between them, they help trap heat within a home and also reduce the amount of unwanted noise entering a property from outside. While very durable, a glazier is often called to carry out double glazing repairs on misted units. Misted units suffer from a build-up of condensation within the gap between glass panes. This is due to the window’s seals being damaged or deteriorating over time. While double glazed windows are supposed to last for over 20-years without needing repair, often windows are installed in a sub-standard manner and become misted units within a matter of months. This is why you should always be sure to have your windows fitted by qualified and reputable tradesmen.


TRIPLE GLAZING – With an extra layer of insulation, triple glazed units are widely used in European nations where the temperature can drop to rather extreme lows. However, it’s becoming a more popular option in the Maidstone and wider UK area due to homeowners and companies being increasingly environmentally conscious. Properly installed triple glazing insulates a home in an even more efficient manner than double glazing. Know that an M&M glazier is skilled in fitting and repairing triple glazed units, not just double glazing repairs – so call us if this is what you’re after.


SAFETY GLASS – This form of glass is manufactured with a number of additional safety features that make it less likely to break, and less likely to cause harm if it does. Laminated glass is one of the most common forms, while wired glass and toughened/tempered glass are also widely employed. If you require safety glass window repairs in or around the Maidstone area, then give us a call. We’re available for emergency call-outs at all hours.


ACID ETCHED GLASS – Acid etching, also known as French embossing, sees glass adorned with decorative designs. It’s a process which can afford different degrees of transparency and allow for different volumes of light to be diffused into a room. Many homeowners around Maidstone invest in acid etched glass and are heart broken when it is damaged or broken. Don’t worry! We offer affordable window repairs for acid etched glass installations.


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