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Double Glazing Repairs

Double Glazing Repairs in Maidstone, Paddock Wood and Kings Hill | Our Glaziers Cover the South East of the UK

Popularized in the 1970s, double glazing has since become the modern standard for windows in the UK. It’s no surprise then that over 93% of homes now feature some form of double glazing. As durable as they are, however, double glazing can break or fail due to various reasons. Our glaziers bring over 30 years of experience to double glazing repairs and work hard to ensure your windows in Maidstone, Paddock Wood, Kings Hill or the South East function properly.

Double glazing repairs are often much cheaper than purchasing replacement units. For this reason, it’s worth calling a reliable glazier to repair your windows before the damage escalates. All of our window repairs come with a year-long workmanship guarantee as a sign of quality.

Increase Energy Efficiency With Double Glazing Repairs

Because we’re based in Maidstone, our glaziers are perfectly located to quickly respond to calls in Paddock Wood, Kings Hill and the South East regions. Please get in touch on 01622 435 276 or 07956 500 093 for double glazing repairs from a local expert.

Fixing Your Misted Windows

Often referred to as ‘blow units’, misted windows develop due to a broken seal. This seal protects the space between the glass, which contains a gas such as argon for better thermal efficiency. When the seal breaks, however, it lets condensation inside – causing that unwanted misted effect. Thankfully, misting in double-glazed windows is a common issue that can be fixed.

As skilled glaziers serving Maidstone, Paddock Wood, Kings Hill and the nearby villages, we can restore your windows through a process of drilling, water removal and resealing. This leaves you with efficient glazing and a tight seal that will prevent further misting.

A Quick Fix for Other Problems

Double glazing repairs extend beyond misted windows. Sometimes, you may have a broken lock that causes safety concerns. Double glazing is much stronger than the single-glazed variety, but it can still suffer from impacts in high winds. Cracks and scratches may also appear, and while not always a major concern, it’s often a good idea to get them seen by a glazier as soon as possible.

Whether you need double glazing repairs for hinge problems in Maidstone, misted windows in Kings Hill or smashed glass in Paddock Wood, you can rely on us for a reliable service.

Our team knows the importance of warmth and safety in the home, and can complement your new or repaired double glazing with composite doors for added security.

Efficient double glazing provides a wealth of benefits:

  • Your home or business is warmer in winter
  • The glazing prevents mould and mildew
  • Modern locks help to dissuade intruders
  • You gain a quieter space with less noise
  • Fewer drafts and less money spent on heating

Please call an experienced glazier on 01622 435 276 or 07956 500 093. Situated in Maidstone, we perform double glazing repairs across Paddock Wood, Kings Hill and the South East.

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21 Duke Of York Way, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4GT