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Double Glazing Repairs From the Glazier in Kings Hill | How Can You Increase Home Security Levels?

Ever the opportunists, burglars look to make full use of any damaged entrance or weakened lock. However, this can also make them easy to dissuade. By calling M&M Glazing Services for prompt window repairs or the needed window replacements, you can reduce the odds of a break-in. Our glaziers install gorgeous composite doors, replacement units, and perform double glazing repairs across Kings Hill.

Follow these steps to ensure your home has the security it needs. For everything from aluminium window repairs to uPVC window replacements and composite doors, speak with a glazier on 01622 435 276 or 07956 500 093.

Repair Damage Quickly – Whether it’s from blown debris or vandalism, your window could suffer a break at any time. Taking too long to call a glazier will make the rooms feel cold, but it can also give an intruder easy access. Be sure to contact a professional if there’s been an attempt to get into your Kings Hill or South East home. M&M Glazing Services will inspect the damage, board windows if needed, and undertake the necessary window repairs and double glazing repairs, so you feel secure.

If needs be, we may recommend affordable window replacements for additional security.

Modernise If Necessary – Are you still ‘making do’ with your old timber casement windows? Perhaps your front door now creates a breezy environment. If these points sound familiar, then you might be tempted to put off the door and window replacements due to the associated cost. This could be a mistake, however.

At M&M Glazing Services, we pride ourselves on double glazing repairs, composite doors and more at an affordable price. Our glaziers can install toughened safety glass in the Kings Hill area, and lend their window repairs service to acid-etched glazing.

Test the Locks Regularly – Minimise ease of access by checking the locks every night. Should you notice a problem with your front or rear door, you may wish to think about composite doors. These comply with PAS 024, the modern standard for enhanced home security. Today’s window replacements will also lend greater protection than your decades-old fittings.

Remove the Overgrowth – Sometimes, homeowners hide their windows and doors behind shrubs – with an ‘out sight, out of mind’ mentality. Unfortunately, studies show that the opposite is true. Vandals look for hiding spots, so if you can remove the shrubs for a better view, then you may dissuade them altogether.

Browse the Latest Technology – Keeping your home in the Kings Hill area secure doesn’t need to shatter your bank balance. While composite doors and double glazing repairs from a trained glazier prevent break-ins, you can take things further with smart, app-connected surveillance that alerts you to outside movement.

At M&M Glazing Services, we perform:
  • Window repairs and window replacements across Kings Hill
  • Double glazing repairs for all window styles in the area
  • Composite door supply-and-installation work
  • Emergency repairs to give you the peace of mind you deserve

Please call a glazier on 01622 435 276 or 07956 500 093 for double glazing repairs and composite doors in the areas surrounding Kings Hill.

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21 Duke Of York Way, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4GT