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Composite Doors and Window Replacements in Maidstone | The Popular Window Types Explained

A trained glazier can perform all manner of window repairs, no matter the type of home you own. They should also provide double glazing repairs and window replacements if needed. Our team in Maidstone offers these benefits at an affordable cost and does so for all window types seen within the South East. We even improve home security by fitting composite doors.

For anything from window repairs to window replacements in the Maidstone area, please give our glaziers a call on 01622 435 276 or 07956 500 093. Below, we look at just a few window types that we can install and repair.

Double-Glazed Windows

Popular with homeowners in Maidstone, double glazing features two sheets of glass that trap heat and reduce noise pollution. Over time, however, the seals can break to cause misting. This will need a trained glazier to perform double glazing repairs. For older installations, it may be worth considering window replacements.

You can reduce heat loss further by adding composite doors to your Maidstone home. Be sure to choose a reputable tradesman for new doors, window replacements and double glazing repairs alike.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing allows you to care for the natural environment. The extra insulation will reduce heat loss so you can use less energy – with big savings made over time. Should you notice problems with your triple glazing in or around Maidstone, speak with a local glazier for window repairs.

We undertake a flexible service, including window replacements, double glazing repairs and composite doors for a more secure home.

Safety Glass

Created to maximise safety, type of glazing is less likely to break due to an impact and unlikely to cause harm if it does. Laminated glass is a good example, as are tempered, wired and toughened glass. All remain popular with businesses looking to protect their staff. As a glazier with over 35 years of experience, we perform safety glass window repairs, double glazing repairs, and also carries out full-scale window replacements in Maidstone.

We respond to your needs 24/7 and can discourage intruders by fitting new composite doors.

Acid-Etched Glass

Often referred to as French embossing, acid-etched glass adorns windows with a decorative touch. Not only does this look great, it allows for different volumes of light to enter the home. If your acid-etched window in Maidstone breaks, there’s no need to panic. As specialist glaziers, we carry out the necessary window repairs to restore your acid-etched design to its former beauty.

Did you know that windows come in many forms? Aside from different framework made from uPVC, aluminium or timber, you can also find a diverse range of styles across Maidstone.

At M&M Glazing Services, we perform window repairs for all types of glass, but also install casement, bay and bow, tilt-and-turn, and sliding windows. We can also supply a free quote for double glazing repairs and the most stylish composite doors available.

For more details on common window replacements, call a glazier on 01689 833890. We provide window repairs, composite doors and more to the Maidstone area.

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21 Duke Of York Way, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4GT