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Misted Units in Maidstone | Explanation of Window Types

A trained glazier has the skills required to carry out all types of window repairs – not just double glazing repairs, but also work on triple-glazed and misted units. Below, we provide some details on the most common types of glass found at Maidstone properties and also explain how condensation causes misting. Our work on misted units helps home and business owners in the South East so save money on full-scale replacement costs.


If you require window repairs in Maidstone, contact our glaziers on 01689 833890.


Double Glazing


Double-glazed windows are very popular with home and property owners in Maidstone. Featuring two sheets of glass with an insulating gap between them, double glazing traps heat and also reduces the amount of unwanted noise entering properties from the outside. While these units have excellent durability, our glaziers often receive calls to conduct double glazing repairs on misted units – a speciality service in the world of window repairs.


Misted units result from a build-up of condensation inside the gap between glass panes. Seals on the unit damage or deteriorate over time. While double glazing frequently lasts for over 20 years without the need for window repairs, our glaziers sometime encounter substandard installations in Maidstone which result in misted units in a matter of months.


This is why you should always be sure to have windows fitted by qualified and reputable tradesmen, and to have double glazing repairs performed by M&M Glazing Services.


Triple Glazing


With an extra layer of insulation, triple-glazed units are widely used in countries where temperatures drop to extreme lows. Today, it is a more common and popular option in Maidstone and the wider UK area due to homeowners and companies being that little bit more conscious about the environment and the potential energy savings to be made.


Properly installed, triple glazing insulates a home or business in a more efficient manner than double glazing. If you want to upgrade the glass in a unit, we can supply a glazier to perform the installation. Our company is about so much more than double glazing repairs, and provides a flexible service range across all parts of the local Maidstone area.


We even repair misted units fitted with triple glazing and fit doors with cat flaps!


Safety Glass


This form of glass is manufactured with a number of additional safety features which make it less likely to break, and less likely to cause harm if it does. Laminated glass is one of the most common types of safety glass, while wired, toughened and tempered glass are also widely employed – particularly at business properties with assets and staff to protect.


If you require safety glass window repairs in or around the Maidstone area, give our glaziers a call. We’re respond to emergency callouts on a genuine 24/7 basis.


Acid Etched Glass


Acid etching, also known as French embossing, sees glass adorned with decorative designs. It is a process that affords multiple degrees of transparency and allows for different volumes of light to diffuse into room space. Many homeowners around Maidstone invest into acid etched glass and naturally feel heartbroken when damage occurs to an installation.


Our glaziers offer affordable window repairs for acid etched glass.


Do you need a glazier for window repairs or work on misted units in Maidstone? Call our glaziers on 01689 833890.