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Window Repairs in Rochester | Your Questions Answered

We offer a broad range of services, including window repairs, for homeowners and companies in Rochester. On this page, we answer a few of the most frequently-asked questions our glaziers receive. If you have a question that isn’t featured below, please call us on 01689 833890. M&M Glazing Services will take your call and offer you advice on double glazing repairs, misted units or any other service you might require.


Can you fix misted units?

Many companies in the Rochester area market double glazing repairs that deal with misted units but the only lasting and effective window repairs in these situations are replacement of the affected units. Any other solution is short-term and generally ineffectual but, if we catch the problem at an early stage, it is possible to take rectification measures to clear windows of mist and to replace the worn or damaged seals that caused the initial problem.


If a glazier claims he can drill into your window to resolve misted units, be wary! Our own double glazing repairs are more complex but surprisingly affordable. We price our services to ensure M&M Glazing Services is always the top choice for window repairs in Rochester.


Do you carry out other double glazing repairs?

We offer double glazing repairs to those who have had windows broken, either due to an accident or in instances of deliberate vandalism. Because of the urgent nature of this type of work, we immediately send out a glazier to properties in Rochester to replace the broken window, or to perform the necessary window repairs – on a full 24/7 basis.


If we can’t perform the required double glazing repairs on the first visit, we board up the window to ensure your Rochester home or business is secure and not vulnerable to attack. Please note that repairs to misted units are only available during daytime hours.


Why choose M&M Glazing Services?

We are conveniently located in Maidstone, which allows us to reach the nearby Rochester areas quickly if emergency window repairs are required. Our glaziers offer free, no-obligation quotations and have a fantastic reputation for delivering first-class customer service – an important attribute that has been one of the hallmarks of our business.


Unlike other companies, we tailor double glazing repairs to your exact requirements and refuse to adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach to work in the Rochester area.


What other services do you have available?

We’re more than just a glazier, and our company also offers door repair, shop boarding, joinery and greenhouse repair services to homeowners and commercial clients in the Rochester area. M&M Glazing Services is also one of the very few companies locally to offer lasting results on misted units. Being a glazier in this day and age requires versatility.


Our core business, obviously, is single-pane and double glazing repairs, but we happily work on tripled-glazed windows and install light-diffusing acid etched windows.


Is your Rochester home in need of door or window repairs? Call 01689 833890 now to speak to a time-served glazier.