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A Glazier’s Guide to Double Glazing Repairs in Tonbridge

Any glazier worth their salt knows how to deal with double glazing repairs and work on misted units. We deal with these issues at properties in Tonbridge on a daily basis because they are two of the most popular window repairs we perform. Do you know why units mist up in the first place? The team at M&M Glazing Services reveals all on this page.


Our company also offers a range of speciality services including cat flap installations, which we also discuss here. If you would like to book in for double glazing repairs, a lasting resolution for misted units or the fitting of a cat flap, contact us on 01689 833890.


What Causes Misted Units?


A plastic or perforated metal layer sits between the two panes of glass in a double-glazed unit. This layer absorbs any water vapour that makes its way past the seals. Unfortunately, excess condensation builds up inside double-glazed units when the seals break down. Double glazing stays free from condensation for up to 20 years but it isn’t uncommon for properties in Tonbridge to suffer from misted units soon after an installation.


Inferior workmanship is nearly always the reason behind such issues, so make sure you always use a reputable glazier for any subsequent double glazing repairs (or for cat flap installations, a service that very few of our Tonbridge customers associate with glaziers).


Adverse weather over an extended period of time also causes misted units. The sun shines on the glass to warm the air between the panes, making it expand. Pressure on the window and the seals rises but when the air cools, the pressure falls. This results in air drawing out from between the panes. This causes the seal quality to deteriorate and the evaporating moisture turns into condensation – a significant problem for Tonbridge homeowners.


Thankfully, our glaziers are on hand to provide the window repairs you need.


Initially, the water-absorbing layer deals with the issue but, over time, there will eventually be too many water molecules for it to handle. At this point, it’s a good time to call in a glazier for double glazing repairs, and to get your misted units back to as-new condition.


Cat Flap Installations in Tonbridge


Because we trade as a glazier in Tonbridge, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the M&M Glazing Services is best-known for single-pane window repairs and double glazing repairs – but there are plenty of strings to our bow. Cat flap installations give your feline friends easy entrance and egress to your property so that you can relax and carry on with your day.


We can perform cat flap installations on uPVC, timber, glass, aluminium and composite doors. Customers in the Tonbridge area can choose from two-way or four-way cat flaps. For homeowners with concerns over security, our glaziers and installers can fit cat flaps which activate by infrared collar, by magnetic collar or by your pet’s own unique microchip ID.


Do you need window repairs at your Tonbridge property? Interested in cat flap installations or one of our speciality services? Call 01689 833890 to talk to a friendly glazier.